2017 Moleskine Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Weekly Planner


The pages of the Moleskine are almost the same as last year's one, unlike Japanese brands such as Hobonichi in which they make incremental improvements every year.


Impulse buying caught me again this time on Amazon! The Le Petit Prince limited version is so magnificent!! I've been checking my letter box each day, it finally arrived three days later. Last year a girl asked me out for a movie, it was Le Petit Prince, so it's quite special to me. Studying in Paris has made me felt in love with French culture, I just love this well-written quote from the literature.


The actual quote in French! It reads "But in herself alone she is more important than all you other roses because it is she that I have watered".


We can see this planner as a 2-in-1, the first part being the monthly view, and the second part is the weekly view.


The boxes are quite small, what do you think I should use them for?


My schedule is relatively empty so this planner suits me well. On the right you've a huge space to write, cut and paste anything.


The blue cloth on the sides is made with the same material as ribbon. Very nice touch.

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